A Letter to Newt Scamander

by | Jun 10, 2021 | Book Review

Dear Newt,

I was a little skeptical about your new entry in the Potterverse. I initially thought of you as a dull protagonist, but you soon changed my perception. You see, I value emotional intelligence. You were sweet and shy and cared about your magical creatures more than anything in the world. Your entire life revolved around protecting the magical beasts from all kinds of harm. When you searched the whole of New York City for your fantastic beasts when they escaped,, it was heartwarming and showed exactly how much you cared about them. “They’re currently in an alien terrain surrounded by the most vicious creatures on the planet, humans.” While everyone saw the fantastic beasts as creatures who would kill people, you realized that it wasn’t the humans that needed rescue.

There were multiple times when you chose to handle a situation with your emotional intelligence when others resorted to violence. In you, I saw the kindness and empathy that a hero should have. As Professor Dumbledore said, “Newt is not a great follower of orders.” because you understood that side of the coin that others did not see. Wizards were forbidden to have any contact with the No-Majs nevertheless, you still took Jacob inside your suitcase because you trusted him, and despite clearly being bitter towards Theseus and Leta’s engagement, you were still willing to not only act cordial but even be the best man at the wedding. You were a man of principles. Your actions spoke for you. You neither discriminated against people based on their beliefs, nor did you ever judge them from their heritage. At times, I still think you were too good for the Potterverse.

You were so compassionate while researching for your book ‘Fantastic Beasts and where to find them.’ You had a tough time showing affection. You understood that love and respect are not something you can force upon other people; you can only earn them through your actions. When you fell in love with Tina, you didn’t resort to conventional ways. “How would you feel if I gave you your copy in person?” was what you asked, and well, we all know how it ended.

You were aware of the greater power. You knew what goes around, comes around, and were morally bound to always do the right thing, without any regard for safety, personal gain, or even your well-being. Selfish was the last thing you were. You showed that you cared more for what was just rather than what would benefit you. You were not swayed away by Gellert Grindelwald in either of the encounters. You were strong, compassionate, kind, and above all empathetic, and that is what makes you so exceptional, Newt Scamander.

With love,