Baby Record Book

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Baby Record Book: Size: 14.5cm x 21cm, Laminated Hard Cover, Gold Wiro-binding, 217 Pages (100gsm).
Sticker Book: 9 Pages of Premium Quality Stickers
Hooded Swaddle: 100% Soft Cotton Fabric Swaddle with a hood
Baby on Board Sticker: 15cm Diameter Baby On Board Sticker for your vehicle


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Product Description

Your childhood is a time that never comes back. However we do get the glimpse of those joyous years when we celebrate them again with our little ones. The Baby Record Book is a perfect Keepsake for all the memories you make as your little one crushes all those milestones, and grows up from infancy to a toddler. Record all your memories with your baby as he/she learns to roll over, laughs for the first time, crawls, and walks… As she/he falls a million times, keeps you awake those long nights, poops in your hand and everything else that will bring a smile to your face even as you think of this one year, years from now.
Here’s to the most precious memories you will make in your life time and your baby’s.