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  • Size: 21cm x 17cm
  • Laminated Hard Cover
  • Gold Wiro-binding
  • 304 Pages (100gsm) with 12 monthly tabs of 300gsm

Sticker Book: 10 Pages of Premium Quality Stickers


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Product Description

The All New 2024 Planner!
While we plan each day of our year to the T, there are just some unplanned experiences that bring us JOY in the most unexpected ways. And that is the theme of our planners this year.
There are cute hand drawn illustrations depicting these very unplanned and unexpected Joys we experience in our day to day life which are extremely relatable and are sure to make you smile.
The planner has all the usual pages – Goals for the Year, Budget Planning, Gratitude and Self reflection every month, along with Health and Habit tracking, Mood tracking, Meal planners, etc etc etc
The planner is designed efficiently to allow ample space to plan each day and write down your experiences and jot your sweet memories.
It comes with a cute sticker book and a pocket at the back to save and store any images or small memoirs from your journey this year.